Mountain bike classification

Mountain bike classification

Mountain bike classification

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The earliest definition of mountain bikes is relatively simple. Bicycles used on mountain roads are generally divided into hard tails (with suspension forks, no rear suspension) and soft tails (ie full suspension models with front and rear suspensions). Kind. Later, with the increasing use of mountain bikes and the increasing demand of people, many models were subdivided.

1. XC ( Off-Road Mountain Bike, Cross Country )

XC ( Off-Road Mountain Bike, Cross Country

This is the basic model in mountain bikes. It has good off-road capability and is good at climbing. It is suitable for suburban, rolling roads and mountain paths. The XC models include a simple hard tail and a small-stroke soft tail. The structure is simple and the entry threshold is low, making it suitable for newcomers to mountain bikes. In addition, the price of the XC model is relatively affordable, so it is also the preferred model for many novice users to contact sports bikes.

2. Trail


The forest road car can be regarded as an advanced model of the XC. It has a short-stroke full suspension structure and is suitable for forest and mountain roads. It has certain requirements for riding skills. Many amateur players will choose the Lindau car. On the one hand, they can experience the fun of mountain bike conquest obstacles. On the other hand, it is more difficult to get started.

3. AM ( All Mountain )

AM ( All Mountain )

The AM model has a longer suspension stroke than the forest road vehicle, and it can be used for larger road conditions such as mountain technology roads. Compared with other mountain bikes, the AM model can climb steep slopes and perform difficult downhills. It has excellent comprehensive performance and can meet the requirements of most mountain bike players. However, in order to master certain AM riding techniques, more skills and experience are needed.

4. Enduro

Enduro is a very popular mountain bike race in recent years, emphasizing the combination of physical strength and riding skills, and the long schedule is also known as the endurance race in mountain bikes. Most of the Enduro tracks are downhill sections, including many small flying bags and sharp bends, so the Enduro model is generally similar to AM. At present, there is no consensus on the relationship between AM and Enduro. However, Enduro has its own EWS (Enduro World Series) system.

5. FR ( Free Ride )

FR ( Free Ride )

FR means free riding. The typical gameplay includes big drop and high difficulty skills. It is the most powerful and exciting mountain bike, and the famous Red Bull Mountain Race. FR pursues the challenge of downhill and obstacles, the pursuit of difficult routes and actions, the construction of the site requires manual construction to ensure safety. The FR models have an extra long-stroke suspension system, which is roughly the same as the DH model described below.

6. DH ( Down Hill )

DH ( Down Hill )

DH gameplay can be said to be the most important gameplay in mountain bikes, including steep slopes, flying jumps and sprints. The requirements for vehicles and skills are very high. The DH models have small head tube angles and long suspension strokes, as well as a variety of uniquely designed rear suspension systems, all designed to allow the rider to maintain good handling during high-speed downhill, frame and fork Parts such as brakes and brakes are specially designed for high speed drop and road impact.

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